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Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Program

Many items in our homes should NOT go down your drain or into the trash. Now, Onondaga County residents can conveniently drop off toxic household materials year-round (with an appointment). 

 Get the basics:



Make an appointment today! Appointments must be made five business days in advance of your drop-off date. Appointments are required or your materials will not be accepted.



To participate, you must live in the OCRRA service area.* You must also have an appointment.

WHERE: Environmental Products and Services of Vermont (EPSVT), 532 State Fair Boulevard, Syracuse, NY 13204 (off Hiawatha Blvd., just west of the on-ramp to 690 West.)

WHEN: Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays and Black Friday), 6:30 am – 6:00 pm, with an appointment.

WHAT: Only toxic materials from households within the OCRRA service area* will be accepted for free through this program. Business materials do NOT qualify, but can be managed through EPSVT for a fee. OCRRA, supported in part by a grant from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, covers the disposal costs for residents. 

*Onondaga County, excluding the town and village of Skaneateles; they have their own disposal program.



Acceptable Items:

  • Automotive products such as transmission or brake fluid, engine degreaser, anti-freeze, diesel fuel and gasoline. 
  • Cleaning supplies, such as oven cleaner, drain cleaner, lye, toilet bowl cleaner, floor and furniture polish, mothballs and products containing petroleum.
  • Garden supplies and pesticides.
  • Painting supplies, including OIL-BASED paints, stains, or finishes, paint thinner, turpentine, brush cleaner, paint stripper, and wood preservatives. Place empty oil-based, latex or aerosol paint cans in your trash. (NOTE: Latex paint is not accepted, but you can dispose of it properly by drying out the paint with paint drying crystals, available at local hardware stores, or kitty litter.)
  • Miscellaneous products, such as fluorescent light bulbs (any style, including 8-foot bulbs), pool chemicals, lighter fluid, kerosene, driveway sealer, mercury thermometers and thermostats, nail polish remover, smoke detectors, loose asbestos that has been double bagged, and any product whose label has descriptions such as toxic, flammable, poisonous, or corrosive. 

Unacceptable Items:

  • Latex paint.
  • Motor oil (take to service station).
  • Asbestos pipes.
  • Propane tanks of any size.
  • More than 30 lbs. of solid material.
  • More than 20 gallons of liquid material.
  • Batteries.
  • Auto batteries (take to battery retailer for recycling).
  • Controlled substances.
  • Empty aerosol cans that did not contain hazardous materials (put in blue bin).
  • Etiological, pathological, or medical waste. 
  • Electronic waste (computers, monitors, TVs, etc.)
  • Explosives.
  • Fire extinquishers.
  • Non-hazardous products (i.e. soap).
  • Pharmaceuticals - should be disposed of in the trash and not flushed down the toilet. 
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Wall paper paste or dry wall sizing. If still in good usable condition, dontate to Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
  • Any empty paint cans or cans with dried up paint (put them in the trash).
  • Any container larger than 5 gallons.
  • Any 55-gallon drums.



  1. Keep items in their original containers. Secure all lids and caps.
  2. Line a cardboard box with a large plastic bag; place your materials in the box.
  3. Stuff crumpled paper between containers so nothing tips over in transit.
  4. Store the box in a well-ventilated place, if you are pre-packing the box.
  5. For safety sake: Do not transport household hazardous waste with pets or children and please refrain from smoking.
  6. Reminder: Latex paint and motor oil are not accepted. 



You can make less hazardous products by using common household ingredients. 



Are you a business with hazardous material to dispose of? Environmental Products and Services of Vermont, a local provider of environmental services, offers year-round drop-off for hazardous waste. Call 315-451-6666 for pricing and information.


The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation presently funds 50% of OCRRA's Hazardous Household Waste Drop-Off costs through state grants.


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