Whether beautifying a residential landscape or ensuring the success of a large-scale work project, using OCRRA’s US Composting Council Certified compost and high-quality mulch will make your next project flourish! Naturally processed food scraps and yard waste produce compost that can replenish nutrients in soil, reduce the need for chemicals and pesticides by suppressing plant diseases, and retain moisture so you don’t have to water as often. OCRRA’s mulch, full of natural ground wood, also retains moisture, suppresses weeds and gives your garden or landscape a lovely finished look. 

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OCRRA Compost

Supercharge your soil by infusing it with nutrients through the use of compost!

 Compost Benefits:

  • Adds nutrients to the soil, so plants grow better.
  • Retains moisture, so you don’t have to water as much.
  • Suppresses the spread of plant disease, so your garden stays healthy.
  • Reduces the need for herbicides and pesticides, which keeps pollutants out of our water supply.

Buy OCRRA Compost

  • Trunk Load (Car, van, and SUV owners hand load their trunk): $10
  • Cubic Yard (OCRRA loads your truck or trailer):
  • Bag (1 cu. ft.) 1/4″ Compost:
    • Visit either OCRRA Compost Site – $5 each or 5 bags for $20 
    • Visit a local retailer that sells OCRRA’s bagged compost. Prices vary. Call to confirm availability.
*What is Certified Compost?

OCRRA’s compost is U.S. Composting Council certified, which means you get consistent material batch-to-batch. Quarterly, third-party testing shares nutrient content and the weed seed-free properties of OCRRA’s Compost.


Give a professional, finished look to your gardens and landscapes with OCRRA mulch!

Benefits of Mulch:

  • Suppresses weeds.
  • Retains moisture.
  • Gives your garden or landscape a finished look.

Buy OCRRA’s Wood Mulch:

  • Trunk Load (Car, van, and SUV owners hand load their trunk): $5
  • Cubic Yard (OCRRA loads your truck or trailer): 
    • Double Ground Mulch – $14 / cu. yd. only at Jamesville Compost Site
    • Triple Ground Mulch – $16 / cu. yd. at Amboy Compost Site (Note: This product is temporarily unavailable at Jamesville Compost Site.)

Need Delivery?

Need to haul large volumes of compost or mulch from OCRRA, but don’t have the right vehicle? Contact a hauler that can help you out. To be added to the list, email [email protected].

HaulerPhoneBased InMax Volume/Trip*
Al/Paco(315) 806-4438Syracuse: Serving Onondaga County5 cu. yds.
Alan Seabrook(315) 481-9677Syracuse: Serving Onondaga County7 cu. yds.
Bill Guptill(315) 345-5451Nedrow6 cu. yds.
Borsellino Home Services(315) 391-3303Cazenovia: Serving Onondaga and Madison Counties10 cu. yds.
T.J.’s Lawn Plus, Inc(315) 458-5296Clay, Cicero, Liverpool, N. Syracuse, Salina, Baldwinsville, Lysander,  Fulton, & Pennellville areas.10 cu. yds.
J.M. Landscape & Plowing(315) 430-5549Baldwinsville7 cu. yds.
John Majowsky(315) 247-8111Onondaga County8 cu. yds.
Joshua Korthas(315) 450-7864Syracuse: Serving Onondaga County5 cu. yds.
Landscapes Etc. LLC(315) 447-5844Cazenovia: serving Manlius, Fayetteville, Dewitt, Jamesville, Chittenango16 cu. yds.
Mosher’s Landscape(315) 678-1431Baldwinsville: Serving Onondaga County3 cu. yds.
Northern Firewood(315) 668-9663West Monroe15 cu. yds.
Polk’s Hauling LLC(315) 949-0057North Syracuse: Serving Onondaga County5 cu. yds.
Practical Property Enhancements(315) 427-8395Syracuse: Serving Onondaga County6 cu. yds.
PW Mulch(315) 256-0003Jamesville: Serving Jamesville, Pompey and Manlius3 cu. yds.
Scott Cox(315) 748-1560Liverpool: Serving Onondaga County5 cu. yds.