Person throwing away trash

OCRRA doesn’t pick up curbside trash. In Onondaga County, trash can either be picked up at the curb by a waste hauler or you can bring it to our transfer station.

Our community’s trash becomes an energy source through OCRRA’s waste-to-energy program. Municipalities have the right to determine how waste is collected. Some towns accept bids from private haulers while others manage waste with their own municipal staff and equipment. In some cases, local leaders may decide to leave waste disposal responsibilities up to property owners. If your hauler doesn’t regularly pick up certain items, check our searchable database for disposal guidance. OCRRA provides simple drop-off solutions for disposing of bulky items and construction waste. 

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Rock Cut Road Transfer Station in Jamesville serves residential and commercial customers. Check the hours, location, fees, and acceptable items before arriving. All open loads must be tarped.

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Ley Creek Transfer Station in Liverpool is temporarily closed.

Bulky refrigerator and carpet

Bulky Waste

Bulky waste includes carpeting, furniture, mattresses and large appliances. If an item exceeds 6’ in any dimension, it is considered bulky waste. Bulky waste can be dropped off at OCRRA’s Rock Cut Road Transfer Station.

Construction and Demolition Disposal

Debris from construction, demolition and remodeling can be brought to OCRRA’s Rock Cut Road Transfer Station. All loads must be tarped. The materials are sorted, and most of it is converted to electricity at the Waste-to-Energy Facility. What can’t be processed there is landfilled.

Excavator demolishing