Onondaga County residents, businesses and schools recycle more than 300,000 tons of mandatory and voluntary materials each year. This effort conserves natural resources, reduces greenhouse gases and supports hundreds of jobs locally and beyond. OCRRA offers programs and services tailored to families and organizations that are committed to helping us save the world a little each day. Explore each section below to learn how you can support recycling at home, in the office and in local schools.

Home Recycling

Reviewing Onondaga County’s recycling guidelines twice a year is a great way to reduce contamination in the recycling bin. For example, recyclables NEVER belong in paper or plastic bags. They cannot get properly sorted and end up as trash. Also, not every type of plastic is recyclable. Learn which plastic container shapes belong in the recycling bin, download a guide to keep in the kitchen and find out how to manage and replace a broken recycling bin.

Business Recycling

OCRRA’s free services are designed to help businesses create or enhance recycling programs by exploring the space available, materials generated each day, and the culture within the office. Free training is available, along with free supplies, to ensure receptacles are properly positioned and labeled. Businesses that emerge as leaders in recycling and reducing waste can earn OCRRA’s Blue Ribbon Recycler award. Learn how our business programs are good for the environment and a company’s bottom line!

School Recycling

Teach students about recycling, waste reduction, composting, waste-to-energy and other ways to save the world a little each day. Recycling specialists have organized several activities that fit into New York State’s curriculum requirements for grades 3-5, so teachers can easily integrate them into lesson plans. Learn how to stream OCRRA’s educational videos, sign up for the school recycling pledge program, order free supplies, schedule free training for custodial staff and invite a recycling specialist for a classroom presentation.

Apartment Recycling

Tenants and landlords don’t have to navigate their way through Onondaga County’s recycling laws alone. Recycling specialists are available for free support through on-site visits, training, and presentations. Plus, free supplies are available to help property managers properly label trash and recycling receptacles. Learn how to take advantage of the programs that can be tailored to each rental property, reduce the risk of fines for violations, and earn OCRRA’s Blue Ribbon Recycler award.

Reducing Waste

The trash generated throughout Onondaga County is not simply thrown “away”. Waste must be managed according to strict environmental laws, which requires major economic investments. The best way to support a cleaner environment and a stronger community is to reduce the amount of waste generated at our homes, businesses and schools. Learn how to incorporate changes into daily life, big and small, to produce less trash.