#1 - Recycle

Twenty-pound (and larger) tanks should NEVER be tossed into the trash or blue bin.

Below is a list of businesses that take them. Each location has different tank preparation requirements (e.g., valves may need to be removed or tanks may need to be cut in half) and restrictions about what types of tanks they accept. Disposal charges may apply. Please call in advance for details:

  • Ben Weitsman & Son, Solvay 315-488-3171
  • Bodow Recycling, Syracuse 315-422-2552
  • B’ville Supply, Baldwinsville 315-635-5221
  • Country Propane, Clay (closes seasonally) and Central Square 315-676-2978
  • Energy Gases, East Syracuse 315-446-8400

#2 - Reuse

Large 20-pound tanks (used with full-size outdoor grills) can be refilled and reused repeatedly.

#3 - Dispose

Small, 1-pound cylinders (often used when camping) should be completely emptied and put in the trash (NOT the blue bin). Just like all other cans with contents under pressure (spray paint, WD-40, etc.), please be sure to use up all the contents before tossing them into the trash, as they may ignite otherwise. For details on how to tell if a tank is empty, or how to empty a tank, please contact one of the entities listed above.

Alternatively, you may bring these small, 1-pound tanks to some of the vendors listed above that take the larger 20-pound tanks for recycling. Call in advance to confirm they will accept your EMPTY item.

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