All vaping devices use a battery, (typically a rechargeable lithium-ion battery) and contain a hazardous substance (typically nicotine). Some have replaceable / removable batteries while others are single-use devices where the battery is sealed inside and is not removable.

If you have the kind with a removable battery, the rechargeable battery must be recycled per NYS law. Rechargeable batteries cannot go into your recycle bin. Visit OCRRA’s battery recycling page to find out how to recycle rechargeable batteries.

Once a removable battery is taken out of a vape device and recycled, it is ideal to manage the remaining vape casing as household hazardous waste, as it contains a hazardous substance, often nicotine. Onondaga County residents may sign up for a free household hazardous waste drop-off appointment. Although not recommended, the vape casing can go in the trash once a battery is removed.

Single use vapes with batteries that cannot be removed should also be managed as household hazardous waste. They should never go in the trash nor be dropped off at OCRRA battery collection kiosks. They could ignite and harm humans, as well as damage equipment and trash facilities.

#1 - Recycle

Vapes can be recycled when dropping off other household toxics through OCRRA’s no cost Household Hazardous Waste program.¬†Appointments¬†are required.

#2 - Dispose

Vapes can be placed in the trash after batteries have been removed. If the battery is not easily removable from the vape, please manage the entire device through OCRRA’s no cost¬†Household Hazardous Waste program.

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