End Food Waste

Nearly 40% of all food in the United States is wasted.

USDA Economic Research Service

Reduce Food Waste, Save Money and Help the Environment

Learn how to incorporate these skills into your life. Check out our recipe cards and videos that share food waste reduction tips in multiple languages. Please choose an option below to see them in your preferred language.

Plan Ahead

Understand Date Labels

Use Everything

Eat Leftovers

How Do You Get Rid of Leftover Food?

After you’ve reduced your food waste as much as possible, what can you do with the food scraps that you still need to get rid of? Keep them out of your trash and drop them off at OCRRA.

We’ll turn them into compost, which helps build healthy soil that grows amazing plants; reduces water runoff (so you can water less, which also conserves water); controls erosion; and reduces greenhouse gases.