Households should put the recyclable papers listed below, in the blue bin. This includes:

  • - newspapers and advertising inserts,
  • - office and school papers (any color),
  • - discarded mail and envelopes
  • - magazines and catalogs,
  • - corrugated cardboard boxes,
  • - cereal, pasta and other food boxes (NOT frozen food boxes though, they go in the trash),
  • - gift, toy and tissue boxes,
  • - paper grocery and lunch bags (any color),
  • - pizza boxes (providing they are not FROZEN pizza boxes; they go in the trash),
  • - softcover books (notebooks, phone books, pamphlets, paperbacks)
  • - non-metallic greeting cards and wrapping paper,
  • - paper towel/toilet paper rolls, mailing tubes, etc.

The papers above can also be taken to OCRRA's Ley Creek Transfer Station.

If you have a large volume of paper generated at a business the following locations will also accept it. OCRRA strongly recommends that you contact them prior to delivery:

Bodow Recycling
1925 Park St, Syracuse, NY 13208
(315) 422-2552

CNY Resource Recovery
5879 Firestone Dr, Syracuse, NY 13206
(315) 471-0254

SMR Fiber
4642 Crossroads Park Dr, Liverpool, NY 13088
(315) 453-2800

Recycle America
4550 Steelway Blvd S, Liverpool, NY 13090
(315) 461-9323


Shredded Paper

UPDATE: OCRRA no longer recommends putting shredded paper into a paper bag, stapling it shut and putting it in your blue bin. Recycling sorting facilities are not able to capture this small material and recycle it, it will contaminate other recyclables or become trash if you put it in the blue bin.

You can recycle shredded paper at Bodow Recycling located at 1925 Park Street, Syracuse (off Hiawatha Boulevard, near Destiny USA); enter building off Exchange Place through the bottle return entrance.

If you are interested in learning how to protect your identity through shredding, visit this page.


Please place the following items in the trash (NOT the blue bin):

- corrugated cardboard with wax,

- egg cartons (plastic, paper or Styrofoam),

- carbon paper,

- paper plates,

- paper towels,

- hardcover books,

- non-paper envelopes,

- metallic paper,

- silver and gold-trimmed cards.

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