OCRRA will not have a confidential document shredding event this year due to challenges associated with securing necessary volunteers to run a safe, efficient event. In an effort to continue to serve the community’s needs, OCRRA is partnering with two local shredding companies. They are offering reduced-cost shredding services for materials from households when presented with one of the coupons below. Note: Materials will not be shredded instantly, but will be shredded in 24 hours or less following drop off.

Shredding CouponsIn addition to Simple Shred  or Confidata, you may also contact your nearest Office Max, Staples or UPS Store for pricing and material preparation instructions. Residents with large volumes of material, or businesses, may also contact the locations below for shredding services.

To reduce costs, be sure to only shred confidential documents; see list below.

Are All Your Items Confidential

Confidential documents contain account numbers. Confidential documents include: medical documents, bank information, credit card statements, tax forms, other records containing account numbers. Items containing only your name and mailing address are NOT confidential. Non-confidential documents include: phone books, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, receipts, hanging file folders, 3-ring binders, plastic file folder envelopes, photos, photo albums.

Simple Shred, LLC
315-684-9900 or 315-247-5260


Iron Mountain




Secure Destruction Services for Materials other than Recyclable Paper:

Covanta 4 Recovery


Shredded Paper

Recycling sorting facilities are not able to capture shredded paper and recycle it as it is too small. It contaminates good recycling and will become trash if you put it in the blue bin.

You can recycle shredded paper at Bodow Recycling located at 1925 Park Street, Syracuse (off Hiawatha Boulevard, near Destiny USA; enter building off Exchange Place through the bottle return entrance.

Alternatively, you may put shredded paper in your trash and it will be converted into electricity at the Waste-to-Energy Facility in Jamesville, where our community's trash generates enough electricity to power 30,000+ homes each year.

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