Remember to plan ahead when purchasing: buy only the amount of product you need so you do not have to dispose of excess later.


Visit OCRRA's "Reuse Links", to find a free online exchange website where you might find someone who could use your old paint.


To properly dispose of liquid latex paint, dry it out and place the can in the trash with the lid off.

PLEASE NOTE: For the beauty of the community, do not put paint cans in the trash that contain liquid paint. This creates a mess on the streets during the collection process and can result in fines from the NYS DEC.

Easy Disposal Instructions:

1) Remove the lid.

2) Expose the liquid paint to air in a well-ventilated area. Be sure to keep away from animals and children.

3) If there is a lot of paint, add cat litter or paint drying crystals (available at most hardware stores) to the paint. Leave the lid off and wait for the paint to be absorbed.

4) When the paint is dry, put can and lid in the trash (leave lid off the can)*. This item can also be taken to either of OCRRA's Drop-Off Sites.

5) After your trash is delivered to OCRRA's Waste-to-Energy Facility, a magnet will capture metal paint cans for recycling!

Unlike oil-based paint, latex paint is a non-hazardous material, therefore, it is acceptable in the trash (with proper preparation). Latex paint is NOT accepted at OCRRA's Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Offs. Historically, latex paint contained mercury that was used to prevent bacteria growth; this mercury made latex paint hazardous. As of 1992, the EPA banned the use of mercury in the manufacture of latex paint, resulting in the reclassification of latex paint as non-hazardous.

If you need to dispose of latex paint immediately, or are not interested in drying out the material, contact Miller Environmental Group for fees: (315) 451-6666.

* Individual hauler collection processes may vary slightly. Contact your hauler directly with any questions.

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