#1 - Recycle

Please flatten and cut into pieces no larger than 3′ x 3′ and place in your recycling container. Do not tie cardboard together, it should be loose when placed in your recycling container.

Residents looking to recycle small quantities of cardboard may bring it (cut in pieces no larger than 3′ x 3′) to the Rock Cut Road Drop-Off Site. Commercial entities cannot recycle cardboard at the Rock Cut Road Drop-Off Site. If a business has a large volume of cardboard to recycle, please contact the following prior to delivery:

CNY Resource Recovery
5879 Firestone Dr, Syracuse, NY 13206
(315) 471-0254

SMR Fibre
4642 Crossroads Park Dr, Liverpool, NY 13088
(315) 453-2800

Please note:

– Waxed cardboard should go in the trash. It is not recyclable.

Paperboard can be recycled. That’s the material cereal boxes, tissue boxes, pasta boxes, etc. are made of. All egg cartons, even the paper ones should go in the trash.

Frozen food boxes that come the freezer section of a grocery store must go in the trash. This includes TV dinner boxes, frozen pizza boxes, ice cream cartons, popsicle boxes, etc. Most are made with a plastic coating that renders their paper non-recyclable. NOTE: Pizza boxes that are picked up or delivered from pizza shops can be recycled in your bin. They don’t have the coating used on frozen pizza boxes.

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