June 1, 2024

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

While normal junk mail should be placed in your recycling bin at home, you should NOT use the recycling bin for documents containing medical details, bank account numbers or other sensitive information. Why? You can’t be sure the information won’t fall into the wrong hands. Instead, confidential documents should be shredded to protect you from identify theft.

Assemblyman William Magnarelli’s office has partnered with ConfiData for a free shredding event. ONLY confidential documents will be accepted. Check out the details below. Please note: This is not an OCRRA organized event, so we’re unable to answer registration questions. But, the Assemblyman’s office has shared the following information to send you in the right direction:

  • WHAT: Confidential shredding event. Online registration required here.
  • WHEN: Saturday, June 1, 2024
  • TIME: Current open slots – 10 a.m. to Noon
  • WHERE: Pink Parking Lot at DestinyUSA off of Solar St.

No businesses are allowed. Residents can bring their confidential papers to be shredded at no charge. Pack confidential documents loosely, in cardboard boxes. There is a five-box limit per vehicle. Boxes should be medium-sized and easy to lift (measuring roughly 10″ x 12″x 15″) to keep attendees and staff safe from lifting injuries. If you use plastic bags to bring your documents, please do not tie them. Due to traffic and safety concerns, you may not stay in the area to watch documents being shred. You will stay in your vehicle, but make sure your trunk / back doors are unlocked and easy for staff to open quickly.

ACCEPTED DOCUMENTS: Personal records from a household such as medical documents, bank information, tax documents and other items containing account numbers or private details are acceptable.

UNACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTS: Absolutely no phone books, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, receipts, hanging file folders, binders, photos, nor photo albums will be accepted. Materials from businesses are also not accepted at the event. Files that simply list your address or phone number are not considered confidential and should be recycled rather than brought to this event.

– Business documents
– Binders of any kind (3-ring, plastic, spiral, metal)
– Plastic document covers
– Wet, damp, or moldy paper
– Hanging file folders with metal support bars
– Metal binder clips
– Electronic media including computer disks, diskettes, or CDs
– Books, either hardback or paperback
– Magazines, catalogs, and newspapers
– Film

Can’t make it that day? Visit OCRRA’s confidential documents page to learn more about local shredding options and disposal guidelines. Even shredded documents don’t belong in your recycle bin. The material is too small to capture at the facility that sorts recyclables. The tiny pieces of paper contaminate other recyclables. If you shred your own documents and cannot drop off the material at a facility that recycles the shredded paper, simply place it in a bag and put it in the trash, where it will be converted into energy at our Waste-to-Energy Facility.