Small metal items (less than 6 feet long and less than 40 pounds; for example: pots, pans, toasters, etc.) are accepted at OCRRA's Ley Creek Drop Off Site for free.

Large metal items are subject to charge. These larger items, such as radiators, aluminum siding and hot water heaters, may also be taken to a scrap metal dealer. Contact local metal recyclers to see if they will take your item(s) prior to delivery.

Please search the internet or phone book for 'Scrap Metals' for contact info beyond what is listed below:

1) Ben Weitsman & Son of Syracuse, LLC., Solvay/Geddes (315) 488-3171

2) Bodow Recycling, Syracuse, (315) 422-2552

3) CNY Resource Recovery, Syracuse (315) 471-0254

4) Metalico Syracuse, Inc., Syracuse (315) 463-9292

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