Please rinse and place plastic wide-mouth (stackable) dairy TUBS in your blue bin. This includes items that are "non-dairy" such as butter substitutes, etc. (e.g., butter, cottage cheese, Cool Whip, Smart Balance tubs,  etc.). Lids do NOT go in the blue bin, they go in the trash.

Plastic dairy tubs can also be taken to OCRRA's Ley Creek Drop-Off Site.

The ONLY plastic items that go in the blue bin are plastic BOTTLES, JUGS, JARS and plastic, stackable dairy tubs. The vast majority of plastic bottles, jugs and jars are #1s and #2s, so instead of trying to see the number on the bottom, put ALL plastic bottles, jugs and jars in the blue bin.

All other containers should be reused or placed in the trash.


Some #5 plastic tubs can be reused for many things, such as a container for leftovers or a water dish for a pet. Get creative and try to reuse it before placing it in the blue bin.

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