Plastic cutlery is often a #6 plastic. Instead of using disposable items, use sustainable dinnerware that you can wash and reuse.


There are many types of #6 plastic.

Styrofoam peanuts are one type of #6 plastic that can be reused at home or by businesses.

Contact these locations to confirm, but most accept peanuts for reuse:

1) UPS Stores; certain UPS Stores will also accept Styrofoam planks.

2) United Radio, East Syracuse, 446-8700.

3) PostNet, 2363 James Street, Syracuse, 218-6223. This location may also accept clean bubble wrap.

4) PostNet, 4123 West Genesee Street, Syracuse, 218-7296. This location may also accept clean bubble wrap.

NOTE: None of these locations accept egg cartons, coolers, or other types of Styrofoam not referenced above. Please do not drop trashable Styrofoam off at these stores or they may have to discontinue their collections.


All other types of #6 plastic not referenced above, please place in the trash. These items can also be taken to OCRRA's Ley Creek Drop-Off Site.

The ONLY plastic items that go in the blue bin are plastic BOTTLES, JUGS, JARS and plastic stackable DAIRY TUBS (this also applies to tubs that contain dairy alternatives, such as vegan "butter," etc.).

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