Commercial customers who frequently deliver materials to the Rock Cut Road Transfer Station should acquire a Small Business User Agreement (SBU).

You will benefit from a SBU Agreement if:

  • You are a person (independent contractor – full or part-time), delivering acceptable waste which is the result of an activity (perhaps a construction job) you are being paid to do.
  • Your company or firm is engaged in the collection, transportation, disposal or delivery of acceptable waste to the Rock Cut Road Transfer Station.

Small business users do not have access to the Waste-to-Energy Facility, only licensed haulers with self-unloading vehicles can use that facility.

To Obtain a SBU Agreement

Copies are available for download¬†or pick up at OCRRA’s main office. Each section of the agreement should be read carefully and the information attachment completed. Proper signature and insurance are required.

Processing Fee

The non-refundable processing fee is:

  • $50 for a one-year agreement 
  • $75 for a two-year agreement

All agreements expire on December 31, regardless of the agreement start date.

The processing fee includes the cost of renewing or issuing numbered vehicle stickers. If any changes are required, i.e., you add or delete a vehicle, or you change your business name, please submit the changes in writing and we will update your records. There is no cost for additional stickers.

Please note: SBUs without a permit will be charged an MSW rate no less than the current commercial per ton fee for non-permit holders, plus a $20/load surcharge.


A surcharge of $25 per trip / use will be charged to all small business users that do not have agreements or have expired agreements. A surcharge of $25 will also be assessed for each delivery if proof of insurance is not on file with OCRRA at the time of renewal.

Insurance Coverage

OCRRA requires proof of the following insurance:

  • Vehicle: $300,000 combined single limit.
  • General Liability: $500,000 combined single limit.
  • Workers Comp Statutory Limits (when applicable)

Using the Rock Cut Road Drop-Off Site

When on the inbound / entrance scale, OCRRA requires all drivers to identify themselves (state their permit number) and the type of waste being delivered: C&D (construction & demolition) or MSW (municipal solid waste/trash).

Please be sure your employees are aware of these procedures.