Recycling at Home

Participating in OCRRA’s recycling program makes it easy to save the world a little each day™. With your help, and a few handy guidelines, we continue to work toward a cleaner county – and a brighter future.

Recycling Rules

If you aren’t sure how to dispose of an item, OCRRA can help. Download a basic guide to recycling or search our list to find the right way to get rid of all sorts of waste:

Blue Bin Details

A blue bin is an easy way to collect recyclables and make sure they end up in the right place. If you’re a resident of Onondaga County, you can get one for free!

Check the locator below to get a blue bin where you live:

Municipality Phone Number Address Notes
City of Syracuse (315) 448-2489 1200 Canal St. (off Midler Avenue) Call for pick up locations
Town of Camillus (315) 672-5556 3097 Milton Ave. (1/4 mile west of Pine Grove Country Club) Pick-up only
Town of Cicero (315) 752-1180, ext. 334 Route 11 (across from Sacred Heart Church) Pick-up only
Town of Clay (315) 652-3800 4483 Route 31 Pick-up only
Town of DeWitt (315) 437-8331 5953 Butternut Drive (off Bridge Street) Pick-up only
Town of Elbridge (315) 689-3351 Route 31 Pick-up only
Town of Fabius (315) 683-5612 Hills Road (off Highway 80) Pick-up only
Town of Geddes (315) 488-7705 654 Terry Road Pick-up only
Town of LaFayette (315) 677-9535 Route 11 Pick-up only
Town of Lysander (315) 638-4264 8220 Loop Road Pick-up only
Town of Manlius (315) 656-3090 Clemons Road (off Highway 290) Pick-up only
Town of Marcellus (315) 673-3127 4262 Slate Hill Road (off Route 175) Pick-up only
Town of Onondaga (315) 469-1664 4478 West Seneca Turnpike Pick-up only
Town of Otisco (315) 696-8753 Call ahead for pick-up details Pick-up only
Town of Pompey (315) 682-9544 Call ahead for pick-up details Pick-up only
Town of Salina (315) 457-2710 601 Factory Ave. (Route 298 off Route 11) Pick-up only
Town of Spafford (315) 673-3906 1984 Route 174 (off Rose Hill Road) Pick-up only
Town of Tully (315) 696-8861 6 Douglas St. Pick-up only
Town of Van Buren (315) 635-3010 7575 Van Buren Road Pick-up only
Village of Baldwinsville (315) 635-9665 1963 West Genesee Road Pick-up only
Village of Camillus (315) 672-3484 37 Main St. off West Genesee Street) Delivery available
Village of East Syracuse (315) 437-3541 204 North Center St. (off Hartwell Avenue/Manlius Street) Pick-up only
Village of Elbridge (315) 689-3404 210 West Main St. (off Route 5) Pick-up only
Village of Fabius (315) 683-5112 Call for pick-up details Pick-up only
Village of Fayetteville (315) 637-6065 Route 257, one mile from East Genesee Street Delivery available
Village of Jordan (315) 689-6608 7 Mechanic St. Pick-up only
Village of Liverpool (315) 457-1882 500 Hickory St. (off Onondaga Lake Parkway) Delivery available
Village of Manlius (315) 682-7634 118 Mill St. (off Route 173) Pick-up and delivery available
Village of Marcellus (315) 673-3112 6 Slocombe Ave. Pick-up only
Village of Minoa (315) 656-7574 100 Kalin Dr. Delivery available
Village of North Syracuse (315) 458-0790 Delivery only Delivery available
Village of Solvay (315) 468-1606 3143 Milton Ave. Pick-up only
Village of Tully (315) 696-8861 Call ahead for pick-up details Pick-up only