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Tarps Required

All open vehicles entering the OCRRA Drop-Off Sites MUST have a tarp covering their materials. Tarping prevents trash or recyclables from becoming litter on our roadways. It also prevents customers from being fined up to $1,000 by the DEC.

Untarped vehicles will be charged $25 per visit.


Households may bring clear or translucent 30-gallon trash bags, weighing no more than 25 lbs. a piece, to the Ley Creek Drop-Off Site, during regular business hours.

Each bag must be labeled with an OCRRA trash bag sticker. Stickers may be purchased online or at the Ley Creek Drop-Off Site, or they may be obtained by mail. To order yours by mail send a check, payable to OCRRA, to 100 Elwood Davis Road, North Syracuse, NY 13212.


Recyclables from households are accepted at the Ley Creek Drop-Off Site at no charge. Residents are responsible for emptying recyclables into the correct container. Items must be loose; they cannot be in bags.

Recyclables (cardboard, paper and containers) from commercial generators are not accepted at the Ley Creek Drop-Off Site.

Speed Limit

All vehicles must abide by the 10 mph speed limit at the site.

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