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6296 Airport Road Camillus, NY 13209
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4370 Route 91 Jamesville, NY 13078
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Compost Pick Up and Drop Off

Whether you’re looking for a way to spruce up your landscape or garden, or you want to sustainably dispose of waste and scraps, OCRRA has two compost sites in Onondaga County to help. Residents, landscapers, small-business users and commercial haulers can drop off yard waste and food scraps, as well as purchase high-quality mulch and compost in bulk. Get hours of operation, fees and other information for our Amboy and Jamesville Compost Site.

Delivery Providers

Need to haul large volumes of compost or mulch from OCRRA, but don't have the right vehicle? Contact a hauler that can help you out. To be added to this list, email [email protected]

Drop-Off Information

Residents who would like to compost food scraps and/or yard waste at one of our sites need to have a site pass.

You’ll have to unload your own materials, and make sure they’re dropped off in the appropriate collection area.

Business users can also drop off materials and buy bulk compost or mulch in one easy trip.

Compost Area (Soft Waste):

Food scraps, garden waste, grass, hay, leaves, plants and straw.

Mulch Area (Hard Waste):

Brush, hedge trimmings, pine cones, pine needles, sticks, vines and tree limbs and trunks.

Accepted Items:

Fruit, beans, bones, bread, brush, coffee grounds, coffee filters, eggs, dairy, fish, garden waste, grains, grass, hay, hedge trimmings, leaves, meat, paper cups, paper napkins, paper towels, pine cones, pine needles, plants, root balls, sticks, straw, stumps, tea bags, tree limbs, tree trunks, vegetables and vines. No items measuring larger than 24" in diameter or longer than 12' can be accepted at any OCRRA Compost Site.

Prohibited Items:

Blacktop, concrete, diapers, dirt, garbage, glass, landscape fabric, lumber, metal, paper, pet waste, plastic items (including bags), rocks, rubber, soil and Styrofoam. Items measuring larger than 24" in diameter or longer than 12 feet are not accepted at OCRRA's Compost Sites.

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