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Recycle At Home

Onondaga County’s per capita recycling rate is second to none in New York State thanks to community participation. 

Learn more about recycling in Onondaga County:


Recycling Rules

Learn the recycling rules for the blue bin and beyond. Click here for details.

Also, see what happens to recyclables in Onondaga County after they leave your house:


Blue Bin Details

Blue bins are provided at no charge to County residents.

You Can Mix Your Recyclables Together or Separate Them! It's Your Choice.

Method 1: Mix Recyclables Together

  • Because single stream recycling is now the norm in Onondaga County, you don't have to separate your recyclable papers from your recyclable containers (but you can if you want. See Method 2.)
  • Place all your recyclables in one bin. No need to sort papers from containers.
  • Do make sure your recyclables are separate from your trash.

Method 2: Separate Your Recyclable Papers from Your Containers

  • Place paper items in one bin. 
  • Place glass bottles and jars, metal containers, plastic bottles, #5 plastic containers and drink boxes in another bin.
  • Stack the container bin on top of the paper bin when bringing them to your curb. This will prevent your papers from blowing around and becoming litter. It also eliminates the need to place your papers in a paper bag. If you still want to put your papers in a bag, feel free, but you don't need to use a brown paper bag, any paper bag will do. Where can you get paper bags? Ask for one next time you get groceries or when retail shopping at a location that gives out big paper bags.

If you live in a town or village, in most cases, you can get a blue bin from your highway department garage. Some municipalities give bins out from their Town Clerks Office. Consult the list below to find out when and where you can get a new bin.

How to get a blue bin if you live in...

If you are replacing a broken Blue Bin and want to dispose of it:

  1. Make a "TRASH" sign on a piece of paper
  2. Tape it to your old bin
  3. Place bin on top of or near your trash

Blue bin pick up concerns (not picked up on schedule, repeat damage to bins, etc.)

Please contact your hauler. In the City of Syracuse, call 448-CITY (2489). 


Recycling Drop-Off Sites

OCRRA operates two drop-off sites for recycling and trash:

» Rock Cut Road Drop-Off Site - small-user friendly and ideal for residential volumes of material.
» Ley Creek Drop-Off Site - designed for heavy commercial use.




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