Where does my trash go?

Trash generated in OCRRA's service area (Onondaga County, except the Town and Village of Skaneateles) goes to the Onondaga County Waste-to-Energy Facility.

Rather than hauling it to landfills out of Onondaga County, the only other alternative, the Onondaga County Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Facility converts the non-recyclable materials into electricity – enough to power about 25,000 – 30,000 homes.

The Facility also annually recovers about 9,000 tons of metal from the waste stream and reduces the volume of material that needs to be sent to a landfill by 90%. OCRRA figures that, as long as it can be done in a manner protective of human health and the environment, we may as well be using our waste materials to their full potential. Waste-to-energy does just that. Click here to learn more about the Waste-to-Energy Facility.

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