OCRRA employees are dedicated to caring for the environment and ensuring a bright, clean future for our community.

With that same dedication, our management team keeps all of our operations running smoothly. Find their contact information below. Emails may be directed to [email protected]

Business Officer
Mike Mokrzycki
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1211

Cristina Albunio
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1206

Executive Director
Dereth Glance
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1212

Executive Secretary
Renee Czerwiak
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1204

Personnel Analyst
Maureen Nosik
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1215

Public Information Officer
Kristen Lawton
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1220

Recycling and Reduction Director
Kristen Lawton
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1220

Transfer Station Operations Director
Kevin Spillane
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1213

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