OCRRA employees are dedicated to caring for the environment and ensuring a bright, clean future for our community.

With that same dedication, our management team keeps all of our operations running smoothly. Find their contact information below. Emails may be directed to

Business Officer
Mike Mokrzycki
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1211

Cristina Albunio
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1206

Executive Director
Dereth Glance
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1212

Executive Secretary
Renee Czerwiak
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1204

Personnel Analyst
Maureen Nosik
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1215

Public Information Officer
Kristen Lawton
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1220

Recycling and Waste Reduction Director
Andrew Radin
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1214

Transfer Station Operations Director
Kevin Spillane
(315) 453-2866, ext. 1213

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