Whether you drop it off or your hauler picks it up curbside, participating in OCRRA’s recycling program makes it easy to save the world a little each day.

Each year, working together, Onondaga County residents recycle over 70 million pounds of material in our blue bins. That means 57% of our waste materials are actually recycled!

With your help, and a few handy guidelines, we continue to work toward a cleaner county – and a brighter future.

Recycling Rules

Does that plastic bottle go in the trash or the blue bin? (Always the blue bin.) What about plastic bags? (Never in the blue bin, whether empty or containing recyclables; however, you can recycle plastic bags at local stores.)

If you aren’t sure how to dispose of an item, OCRRA is here to assist. Check out the Onondaga County recycling rules or our database which helps you find the right way to get rid of all sorts of waste, from electronics to yard waste.

Use the “How do I get rid of” bar above to search the database.

Throwing things in the blue bin that aren’t recyclable only contaminates the recycling stream and reduces what gets recycled. So remember – when in doubt, throw it out!

Please remember not to put plastic bags in the recycling bin. This includes putting loose plastic bags in the bin, and putting recyclables in plastic bags and then putting the bags in the bin. Clean plastic bags can be returned to most stores that give them out.

Blue Bin Details

In Onondaga County, recycling often starts with a blue bin. It provides residents with an easy way to collect recyclables and put them out to the curb, and makes sure that those items end up in the right place.

And since single-stream recycling is now here in Onondaga County, it’s okay for recyclable papers and recyclable containers to go in the same bin. No more separating!

If you’re a resident of Onondaga County, you can get a blue bin for free. Check the list below to find out how to get a blue bin where you live:

Municipality Phone Number Address Notes
City of Syracuse 448-2489 1200 Canal St. (off Midler Ave). Delivery only
Town of Camillus 672-5556 3097 Milton Ave. (1/4 mile west of Pine Grove Country Club). Pick-up only
Town of Cicero 699-2745 Rt. 11 (across from Sacred Heart Church). Pick-up only
Town of Clay 652-3800 4483 Route 31. Pick-up only
Town of Dewitt 437-8331 5953 Butternut Dr. (off Bridge Street). Pick-up only
Town of Elbridge 689-3351 Route 31. Pick-up only
Town of Fabius 683-5612 Hills Road (off Highway 80). Pick-up only
Town of Geddes 488-7705 654 Terry Rd. Pick-up only
Town of Lafayette 677-9535 Route 11. Pick-up only
Town of Lysander 638-4264 8220 Loop Rd. Pick-up only
Town of Manlius 656-3090 Clemons Rd. (off Highway 290). Pick-up only
Town of Marcellus 673-3127 4262 Slate Hill Rd. (off Route 175). Pick-up only
Town of Onondaga 469-1664 4478 West Seneca Tnpk. Pick-up only
Town of Otisco 696-8753 Call ahead for pick up details. Pick-up only
Town of Pompey 682-9544 Call ahead for pick up details. Pick-up only
Town of Salina 457-2710 601 Factory Ave. (Route 298 off Route 11). Pick-up only
Town of Spafford 673-3906 1984 Route174 (off Rosehill Rd). Pick-up only
Town of Tully 696-8861 6 Douglas St. Pick-up only
Town of Van Buren 635-3010 7575 Van Buren Rd. Pick-up only
Village of Baldwinsville 635-9665 1963 W. Genesee Rd. Pick-up only
Village of Camillus 672-3484 37 Main St off W. Genesee St. Delivery available
Village of East Syracuse 437-3541 204 N. Center St. (off Hartwell Ave/Manlius St.) Pick-up only
Village of Elbridge 689-3404 210 W. Main St (off Route 5).
Village of Fabius 683-5112 Call for pick up details. Pick-up only
Village of Fayetteville 637-6065 Route 257, one mile from E. Genesee St. Delivery available
Village of Jordan 689-6608 7 Mechanic St. Pick-up only
Village of Liverpool 457-1882 500 Hickory St. (off Onondaga Lake Parkway). Delivery available
Village of Manlius 682-7634 118 Mill St. off Route 173. Pick-up and delivery available
Village of Marcellus 673-3112 6 Slocombe Ave. Pick-up only
Village of Minoa 656-7574 100 Kalin Dr. Delivery available
Village of North Syracuse 458-0790 Delivery only. Delivery available
Village of Solvay 468-1606 3143 Milton Ave. Pick-up only
Village of Tully 696-8861 Call ahead for pick up details. Pick-up only

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