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To prevent paper from becoming litter:

Please put recyclable paper into a paper bag and staple shut. If you have two blue bins, put paper in one bin and bottles/cans/containers in the other.

On collection day, place the paper bin at the curb and stack the container bin on top. This will prevent the papers from flying away and also eliminate the need to find paper bags each week.

Households should put the recyclable papers listed below, in the blue bin. This includes:

- newspapers and advertising inserts,

- office and school papers (any color),

- discarded mail and envelopes

- magazines and catalogs,

- corrugated cardboard boxes,

- cereal, pasta and other food boxes,

- empty soda, and beer cases,

- gift, toy and tissues boxes,

- grocery and lunch bags (any color),

- pizza boxes,

- softcover books (notebooks, phone books, pamphlets, paperbacks)

- receipts (non-carbon receipts only),

- non-metallic greeting cards and wrapping paper,

- paper towel/toilet paper rolls, mailing tubes, etc.

- shredded paper must go in a paper bag that is stapled shut

The list above can also be taken to OCRRA's conveniently located Drop-Off Sites.


Interested in protecting your identity, learn more about confidential paper shredding by clicking HERE.


Please place the following items in the trash (NOT the blue bin):

- corrugated cardboard with wax,

- egg cartons (plastic, paper or Styrofoam),

- carbon paper,

- paper plates,

- paper towels,

- hardcover books,

- non-paper envelopes,

- metallic paper,

- silver and gold-trimmed cards.

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