Household Hazardous Waste Form-Test

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  • Questions for OCRRADirections and instructions for drop-off will be emailed to you after form submittal.
  • Enter the date you would like to drop off Hazardous Waste. Monday through Friday (excluding national holidays and Black Friday).*Appointments must be made at least one BUSINESS DAY BEFORE your desired appointment. If you have extenuating circumstances, please call (315) 453-2866.
  • Select your desired appointment time. You select the time by clicking on down arrow.*Appointments are available from 6:30 AM - 6:00 PM.

    Yes, I understand that I may bring up to 20 gallons of liquids and up to 30 pounds of solids, but if I bring more than that, I will be asked to pay for the overages.* (A normal household should not exceed these amounts. If you have an extenuating circumstance, please call (315) 453-2866 for assistance.)

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*Terms of Service

  • I have a household/residence in Onondaga County; that the household hazardous waste that I will deliver is generated by an Onondaga County household / it is NOT generated by a business;
  • I understand that this is a free service to residents living in OCRRA’s service area. OCRRA’s service area includes all of Onondaga County with the exception of the Town and Village of Skaneateles. Residents of these two areas are not eligible to participate in this program and should contact their Highway Department for disposal options.
  • I have thoroughly reviewed the list of acceptable items and understand that I am subject to charges if I wish to dispose of any items that are not specifically listed as acceptable, if I deliver materials in quantities that exceed the stated limits or if materials originated from outside the OCRRA service area.