2020 Drop-Off Pass


Allows for unlimited drop-off of yard and food waste at either compost site, plus two bags of premium (1/4") compost.

If you purchase a pass online and need to use the site before your pass arrives in the mail, simply show your proof of purchase to the gatekeeper.

Pass holders must unload their own materials in the appropriate collection area.

Accepted Items:

Fruit, beans, bones, bread, brush, coffee grounds, coffee filters, eggs, dairy, fish, garden waste, grains, grass, hay, hedge trimmings, leaves, meat, paper cups, paper napkins, paper towels, pine cones, pine needles, plants, sticks, straw, tea bags, tree limbs, tree trunks, vegetables and vines. Stumps and over-sized tree trunks greater than 24” diameter can only be accepted at the Amboy Compost Site.

Prohibited Items:

Blacktop, concrete, diapers, dirt, garbage, glass, landscape fabric, lumber, metal, paper, pet waste, plastic items (including bags), rocks, rubber, soil and Styrofoam.


This pass allows unlimited drop-off of yard waste and food scraps at the Amboy or Jamesville Compost Site. It also gives pass holders two free bags of premium compost.

Want more material? You don't need a pass; you may purchase compost or mulch on a per yard basis or by the trunkload. Visit the Amboy or Jamesville fees page for details.

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Dimensions 3 × 8 in

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