Mercury Thermostat

Mercury Therm Event 2021

Attendees must fill out a registration form - in advance - and place it on the dash of their vehicle on the day of the event.

Registration Form

This limited time, “double-bounty” drop-off event happens Sat., Sept. 25 from 8:00 am to 11:00 am at Miller Environmental Group (532 State Fair Blvd., Syracuse).

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin that can harm humans and wildlife. For many years, OCRRA and Covanta, the operator of the local Waste-to-Energy Facility, have offered a year-round drop-off program to remove mercury from the waste stream. While the year-round program continues, on Sat., Sept. 25, Covanta is increasing the “reward” residents reap for turning in a mercury-containing thermometer or thermostat to OCRRA!

Participating residents will receive a Lowe's gift card worth $10 when they turn in a mercury containing thermostat or thermometer. Residents dropping off a mercury containing thermometer will also receive a mercury-free (digital) thermometer!*

Learn how to tell if you have a mercury-containing thermometer or thermostat by visiting this link.

Can't make the event? You can drop off mercury containing thermometers and thermostats year-round at the Ley Creek Transfer Station, Thursday-Saturday, during normal business hours, however, the bounty returns to $5 after the Sept. event.

*One gift card per resident, regardless of the number of mercury containing items that are dropped off.

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