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Earth Day Litter Cleanup

In 2016, more than 7,200 people volunteered and collected trash from our roadsides, streams, and public spaces. Our community's amazing effort brought in over 95,000 pounds of trash. In the two decades since OCRRA began the cleanup, more than 2,008,880 pounds of litter have been removed from our community's streets and green spaces. 


How Earth Day Works:

Disney TroopOCRRA's Earth Day Litter Cleanup event is a chance for friends, neighbors, and co-workers to help clean up our community. 

Groups of all ages and sizes can volunteer to clean up any public area in the county they want. They can clean up on Friday or Saturday (or both). The more people that help out, the more litter we can remove from our community’s streets, highways, and parks!

OCRRA will send you special stickers to place on the bags of litter you collect. The stickers enable you to dispose of the trash for free! OCRRA's gift to Mother Nature.

Have photos of your group doing the Earth Day Cleanup you want to share?

Town of ManliusPlease note: By submitting photos to OCRRA, residents grant us permission to use the photos in future publictions (print and/or digital), without providing compensation to the submitter.

Even if you don't have photos to share, visit our Facebook page and tell us about your clean-up experience. Tell us about the weirdest thing your group collected during your clean-up!

Want to Make EVERY DAY Earth Day?

As we all know, trash accumulates year-round, not just on Earth Day. Want to help out at other times during the year?

  • Contact OCRRA at 453-2866 and express interest in a clean-up.
  • Pick up litter only, not tires or white goods, such as old refrigerators.
  • Follow drop off instructions provided by OCRRA.


Adopt-a-Roadway / Adopt-a-Highway

Another way to help clean up the county is to participate in Adopt-a-Roadway or Adopt-a-Highway. If you are interested in adopting a specific stretch of roadside please contact one of the following organizations for more information:

East Syracuse Elementary

Onondaga County

  •  (315) 435-3205


New York State

  • Routes east of I-81: (315) 458-1910
  • Routes west of I-81: (315) 672-8151
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