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There are multiple ways to get OCRRA Compost for your garden and landscape needs.

  1. Buy it in Bags (1/4" Premium Compost only)
    Find them at over 30 retail locations.
  2. Purchase in Bulk (1/4" Premium Compost or 1/2" General Compost)
    Bring your truck or trailer to either of our Compost Sites and get it by the cubic yard.
  3. Buy a Site Pass (1/2" General Compost only)
    Get up to 3 cu. yds. of compost (or 6 cu. yds. of mulch) with one of OCRRA's Compost Site Passes. We'll load it for you or you can do it yourself, all at once or over multiple visits.
Digital image of compost being loaded into a truck.

Compost Sites

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