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Disguise medication by mixing it with an unwanted substance such as coffee grounds or rotten food scraps, so that it will deter ingestion by a third party or pet, and place in the trash.

Do NOT dispose of medications down the drain or flush down the toilet as they may pass through the waste water treatment plant and upset the plant’s biologic operation. Most sewage treatment plants do not have the capacity to filter out or treat certain items (hormone medications, chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, etc.) Ultimately, this can create harmful results in wildlife populations, such as fish infertility.

In Onondaga County, you don’t need to attend a special medicine disposal event to safely and properly get rid of your old medications, all you have to do is place them in the trash. While medical disposal events are held throughout the nation, they are not necessary in a community like ours which has a Waste-to-Energy Facility. Medicine brought to special disposal events are ultimately destroyed at Waste-to-Energy Facilities, the same thing that happens here in Onondaga County when you put old medicine in your household trash (without you having to drive it anywhere).

Should you be interested in drug take-back options, Kinney Drugs conducts a take-back each month. Also, Onondaga County offers the “Sharps, Needles and Drug Disposal” program, with drug (and needle) collection points at 10 local police stations.

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