OCRRA encourages active participation by women-owned, minority-owned and small businesses in its procurement process and fully supports equal opportunity for all vendors.


Open Procurements Contact Due Date
Water Truck  Kevin Spillane  04/25/17 by 1pm
Raggertail Scrap Metal Sale  Cheri Zajac  04/10/17 by 2 pm
Purchase of Loose OCC  Ann Fordock  03/24/17 by 2 pm
Material Handler  Maura Farrell  03/22/17 by 1 pm
Scrap Metal Services  Cheri Zajac  03/20/17 by 2 pm


Procurement Results Contact Closed Date
Hydraulic Excavator Maura Farrell 01/18/17
Hoist and Tarping System Cheri Zajac 08/18/16
Scrap Metal Services
(6-month option was chosen)
Cheri Zajac 09/22/16

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